American Indian Culture Analysis

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Since American Indians are shown through many mascots in this world, Americans get the idea that Indians have to look or act a certain type of way in order to be considered to be actually from the Indian culture. If a person doesn’t stereotypically have darker skin or have a specific bond with nature than they aren 't considered to be an American Indian. This is significant because people don’t realize that they are grouping all American Indian people into a category, just like they have done all throughout history with other cultures, when they are using Indians as mascots for sports team or etc and that they are downplaying and appropriating their heritage and traditions. Also, if people will realize and change the fact that they are unconsciously or consciously misrepresenting others then maybe humans will be able to maintain a world where there is equality for all subcultures. Basically, throughout countless examples in Hollywood films, Arabian people have been depicted to be very mean and violent people. Their cartoons of the men are made to look more ugly with big noses, mustaches, and most of the characters that are Arabic portray the villain like in the film Aladdin. Also, women are portrayed to be sexual belly dancing people who wear specific types of clothing like a veil based upon their culture. These depictions have been based upon…show more content…
The Irish that were against fighting the Civil War had the idea that African Americans would migrate north and start to populate in their areas and with that they had believed that their jobs would be at steak. Irish were concerned about the jobs that provided support to their families and how they would be effected if they had to start competing with African Americans for them therefore, many of them participated in the Draft Riots. The Irish immigrants that were against participating in the riots believed that since they were just arriving to America they didn’t want to fight or care for a country that wasn’t their
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