American Indian Genocide Summary

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While reading the article "Teaching American Indian Studies to Reflect American Indian Ways of Knowing and to Interrupt Cycles of Genocide," it dawned on me that I am a non-Indian who has learned little to no information regarding American Indian culture. The little information I have gathered was either from an American textbook in elementary school or films like Pocahontas, which I assume does not depict the American Indian culture accurately. As I continued to read I was thinking that if American Indians are going to "function in mainstream culture" shouldn 't the culture they are mainstreaming into be knowledgeable about their culture? As a future teacher, I have learned that it is important for teachers to understand, appreciate and be…show more content…
We used the example of the hare and the tortoise that the moral could be very different depending on what you need to take away. It could be slow and steady wins the race, don 't judge a book by its cover, or don 't sleep on the job. Using the hare and the tortoise story that is familiar to non- Indian students, allows students to learn about American Indian culture through familiar experiences (which was also discussed in the article). The article also mentions letting students come to their own conclusions about the American-Indian genocide which I think is very interesting and important. Looking back at what I have learned about becoming a teacher is assisting students to make the desired conclusions but utimately letting them come to the conclusion on their own. Which I think is an important skill to have as a teacher but I think it is vital when discussing such an important and touchy subject. I am excited to see at the end of the semester what I conclude. The learning outcomes that I focused on was; knowledge of the culture of another country or people, and an awareness of how culture is instrumental in shaping one 's
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