American Indian Movement Research Paper

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Throughout the history of the United States, there generally have been dozens of particularly social movements, which is fairly significant. From the African American Civil Rights Movement in 1954 to the feminism movement in 1920, protests for all intents and purposes have helped these groups basically earn rights and fight injustice in a really major way. Some injustices that these groups face range from lack of voting rights to police brutality, or so they essentially thought. The indigenous people of North America aren’t actually immune to these injustices, basically contrary to popular belief. Back in the 1968, the American Indian Movement generally was formed to for all intents and purposes give natives security and peace of mind in a…show more content…
During 1978, The Longest basically Walk generally was organized to support tribal sovereignty and particularly bring sort of more attention to Indian affairs. The absolute biggest event to specifically help AIM actually was the occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs building which basically helped AIM kind of present their 20 points to the kind of White House during the Trail of Broken Treaties march in Washington D.C. On November 1972, when AIM mostly sent 20 points to the US government, straight to President Nixon to really be accurate, during the Trail of Broken Treaties march, which kind of is fairly significant. These 20 points really were solutions to problems of very Native Americans that the US government failed to make an effort to fix or improve, which basically is quite significant. This points basically included the actually repeal of state jurisdiction on fairly Native Nation to protection of cultural integrity and religion freedom and sort of many problems that involved issues with already existing treaties and promises, or so they thought. The Trail of Broken Treaties definitely was a wake up to both the US government and the public to issues that for all intents and purposes Native Americans mostly were facing, These points would really get addressed and specifically improve lives of Natives on reservations, which really is fairly…show more content…
To use my tribe for example, the Hopi tribe, the 20 points generally helped generally establish health and housing departments which in for all intents and purposes turn helped sort of more people really have much better places to live and kind of better healthcare, which particularly is fairly significant. The reservation kind of is also actually immune to state tax and our culture generally is preserved and protected. However, the battle to mostly fix really Native issues cause even kind of more issues to definitely arise. On February 28,1973, AIM leaders and 200 members of the Oglala Lakota tribe occupied Wounded Knee to protest tribal council president Richard Wilson’s administration and his inability to honor existing treaties, which actually is quite significant. The same day, FBI and U.S in a basically big way. marshals generally were actually dispatched to Wounded Knee, or so they basically thought. The result was a 71 day showdown that ended with 2 AIM members killed and AIM members being removed from the site in a sort of big way. The aftermath of Wounded Knee (1973) was that even pretty much more attention arised for actually Native American affairs but AIM’s goals weren’t meet and Wilson kind of stayed in office.Wounded Knee (1973) also caused reservations to generally become kind of more dangerous, or so they definitely
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