American Indians Vs New Technology Essay

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New technologies, Different religions, and different lifestyle techniques caused tensions between the European Explorers and the American Indians, which often lead to war and enslavement. However, forming trading systems and slowly absorbing one another 's language allowed for a short time of safer coexistence between both peoples. Disease played a critical factor in the adaptation of the two groups as well striking fear in the Indians while giving Europeans a sense of empowerment. Around this time period, Europeans were experiencing a Renaissance, which produced several new technologies and ideologies. Advanced ships, precise maps, and the compass allowed the Europeans to begin exploring around the world, initiating the age of exploration.…show more content…
One of the first groups of Indians, Columbus met believed that he and his explorers were gods, and wanted to praise them with food, drink, chants and decorations. Because the Indians never interacted with any other humans, especially those with such fair skin tones, they mistook the explorers for the god’s they had been waiting for (Columbus). Columbus would make note of the fact that the Indians called him a god because it made for a very bizarre first encounter with the new people, and also pointed out the stupidity of the Indians. Another thing that the Indians did not understand were the weapons that the Europeans carried with them to the New World. The Indians regularly used spears or bows and arrows for any hunting or battle, but the Europeans carried guns a technology the Indians had never seen . The Europeans received specific instructions on how to build and maintain a safe and productive colony. One rule stated not to show the Indians the true power of the gun, unless in a dire situation, for they wanted to keep guns a secret from the Indians. (Instructions for the Virginia Colony). The colonists wanted to be the dominate peoples in the New World therefore not wanting to show guns to the natives, for fear they could steal guns and attack the Europeans and sacking all of their new
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