American Influence On The Sioux Tribe

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The Sioux tribe was one of the most known powerful tribes living in which they originally came from Missouri in the 1800’s. Not to mention,many things happened when they came to Nebraska. During their early years, transportations are a way for them to follow the path of the buffalos,as a matter of fact, they had horses and built boats to keep them going. For example, they were also known to be farmers as well as hunters. The tribe made an influence on the Westward expansion and made war between the Americans,so many people wonder how the Americans influenced the tribe and where are they now. Nebraska was their first home for the Sioux tribe. It was all new to them and had lots and lots of land for themselves. They didn’t have any type of transportations, but,not to mention, Spanish explorers gave them horses in the 1500’s,which was needed for hunting, and were intelligent to build a boat when crossing a river. The Sioux were excellent hunters and farmers. Additionally, they…show more content…
Many wars happened because the white people weren’t loyal to them, so due to those problems,therefore the Indians hated them. All of their food which was bison, also meaning buffalo, were killed by the military troops and the starving Sioux tribe decided to fight back and to defend themselves from this outrageous problem. Lots of Native Americans and white men died, which in this case, the Sioux fled. The influence the Americans did on their tribe culture made many changes. They offered many advantages and opportunities. In addition, they offered many trades and showed them impressive things the Native Americans didn’t know before. In fact, the English men showed them a new type of blanket they could use for the winter time. During the modern era of the tribe, there seems to be less Sioux Indians and their population keeps dropping down. This is the Sioux tribe

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