American Involvement In Najma's Bombing

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Najma's village getting bombed could happen in real life. The author uses this event to create literary element in the book. Faiz getting bombed is realistic and happens in real life. This realistic event of the bombing of faiz also helps make conflict throughout the book. The author uses American involvement in Afghanistan to create traits and drive conflicts.

The author used American involvement to create the event of najma's village getting bombed. Villages in Afghanistan get bombed by aircrafts like in the book. In the book, najma's village gets bombed. One day, she sees "An arrow-shaped phantom high, high against the blue, crossing the sky from east to west. And then I hear a strange whistling sound that seems to grow louder, and the ground heavies and a loud thump echoes from somewhere below"(Staples 65). This phantom is a drone attack that has just dropped a
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The author uses american involvement to create conflict in the book. When she thinks of him these days she remembers him smiling, although she thinks there is little reason for him to smile very often now. Fair is not a fearful man, but she knows he can't be of help to the people he's dead. He would take care of himself and be cautious”(staples 94). Nusrat now, “With faiz gone, she feels as if one of her main parts is missing, causing her nerves to misfire and her intent to falter. It takes all of her will to extend her hands slowly towards the bed where she has leave her nightclothes”(Staples 141). Since faiz is gone it causes conflict in that nusrat now. The author uses american involvement. When faiz is gone this cause Nusrat to get the trait of loneliness. Nusrat says“Her voice sounding more anxious than she'd meant it to. But she is desperate for news of faiz”(Staples 172). [explain] “Where is faiz? If the fighters have come to take their families home, why hasn't he come”(Staples 177). [explain both

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