American Legion Award Essay

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American Legion Award Webster's dictionary defines award as “To confer or bestow as being deserved or merited or needed.” Allowing people to recognize others who are worthy is one of the main reasons for giving out awards. In school and at home, I work hard and remain persistent in everything I do. Furthermore, I am efficient at managing my time and I always finish my work to the best of my ability. Some things I enjoy doing are taking my dogs for walks, finishing projects that I know I have done my best on, and working with others. During my free time, I enjoy volunteering at park cleanups and food banks. But, I most enjoy hanging out and playing around with my friends. Possessing all the necessary qualities, plus other exceptional attributes, compels me to believe that I am worthy of this award. Courage is a necessity when it comes to school. In order to do well, you need to be able to have the courage to fail. I not only have the courage to fail, but I also have the courage to try again and do better. For example, if I get a grade on a test that I think I can improve, I will study and prepare…show more content…
They are the ones that shape and lead students in school which helps to create a better society. Many of my experiences have led me to become a leader. In NJHS, I am an officer, so I lead the other pupils and set a positive example for them. Other students can see how hard work pays off because they see me going to a higher math class at the high school and working hard for good grades. Furthermore, I am always willing to listen and help others if they need it. These qualities, among many others, have allowed me to lead by example. One of my friends, who I will not name, always tries to earn a better score than me on tests. As a result of this friendly competition, I am helping her to do better at school and be more proud when she attains higher scores. Leading is something I am not only superb at, but something I enjoy as
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