American Lucado Short Story

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Zeke Lucado is not an ordinary kid. In fact he’s smart, skillful, and athletic and doesn’t boast about it. He’s 12 and lives in Denver, Colorado he has green eyes and rainbow hair (not dyed) and has a calm mood for these reasons he is popular and has a lot of friends. His father and brother died in the army and he and his mother and him lived off the money they made. On Christmas zeke receives a gift that changes his life forever.

On Christmas morning he gets up and starts eating cereal in his Penthouse and goes to watch T.V. until his mom is ready to start the gifts with him about half an hour later she comes down and makes coffee for herself and gestures him to open his presents and goes to do so. For presents he got a: Samsung Galaxy
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No not home he does not remember my mom being a man. Then it occurred to me she wasn 't, a man the person next to me was my brother. He woke when I shook him and looked at me, then suddenly started explaining everything and why he had to do it. When he had finished he asked me to join him and I looked at him and said “no, it’s too risky I wanna go back to mom.” Well you can’t, we made her forget that you and I were born and took all your gifts it’s at--- WHAT! YOU MADE MOM FORGET US I CAN 'T BELIEVE YOU 'D DO THAT SHE WAS MY ONLY FAMILY LEFT! I was so mad that I punched him in the nose and ran somewhere out of there but everything looked the same so I used my senses. I pulled scissors out of my pocket and began to mark every turn I do so that I know if I passed it I would go back. When I came to a turn I saw two men there so I turned back and saw my brother and then something was in my neck. And everything went…show more content…
When I tried to get up I felt something nagging on my hands and I couldn’t get up. Though I know that I was being watched no one came to inform me what was going on. About half an hour later the door burst open and it was the least person I want to see right now. He sat next to me and undid the binds if I promised not to run, I did and he let me go. I did not run but tried to persuade him to tell me where I am and where everything is so that I can find a way to get back home and somehow convince my mom that I am her son. They told me that I was special and I had abilities that I need to control and said someone always have something special about their facial. And my hair was how I can harvest my abilities. Since it was a non dyed facial
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