American Middle Class Research Paper

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Stop Killing the Middle Classers!
The middle class is sinking into the ocean of non-existence and will eventually disappear at some point in the future! According to the US Census Bureau, the annual income of the average-middle class family has dropped down by 3.9 % over the last two decades “American Middle Class”. The Importance of this class is not limited to the size of the population it occupies; it is about the role that individuals of the class are playing in today`s society. The middle class is the class of teachers, service workers, journalists, writers, and even professionals “American Middle Class”. If that class is not supplied with the financial support it needs to sustain a good quality life, it will lose the ability to contribute
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The traditional American family consisted of the father as the breadwinner, the mother that was in charge of raising children and doing domestics, and their biological children, all living together. However, that image has been replaced with a diversity of other images “Family structure in the United States”. The source of weakness is the breakdown of the structure of the family. It is when children leave their parents` house searching for an autonomous life before they are financially and emotionally self-sufficient. After departing parents’ house, children will have a lack of social support which results in an unstable life for the young individual when exposed to life new challenges. In the article titled “Crumbling American Dreams” we read the story of a young girl who lost the supervision of her parents at an early stage of her life. As an imprudent individual, she was prone to wrong decisions such as choosing the wrong partner, going into an early motherhood, and going through drugs. These decisions have collectively left her with no opportunities to build up a strong personality, a well-educated character, and an experience to obtain a good paying job that provides good living conditions for her (Putnam). In addition to protect the financial future of children, the presence of two adults in the household today means, most of the time, more incomes that go into the pocket of that…show more content…
The entrance of cheaper products, manufactured overseas by foreign labor, imposed the closure of US manufactures, resulted in discharging the working force of these local manufactures, and eventually eliminated what was known as the blue collar jobs “Is Wal-Mart Good for America.” In addition, technology had introduced new methods of production that do the job that once required a human force to do it. It is now substituting human work and goes hand-in-hand with foreign manufacturing in reducing the need for employees and causing a shrinkage in job opportunities. “Between 2005 and 2007, 3.6 million workers with three or more years on the job lost their positions because of company closings, moves, insufficient work, or the elimination of their positions.” “American Middle Class”. The number itself becomes more frustrating if we think of the actual number of people who are negatively affected by such deterioration in the industry. That is, each worker of these 3.6 million workers is the financial supporter of a household of at least one other person. The number is multiplied and thus we have more millions of people encountering extreme financial hardships as a result. Do we have other options than accepting a low-paying entry-level job to maintain a dignified life? The answer is to be determined by the government. It allows for a great deal of freedom for
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