American Middle School Persuasive Speech

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Just, after Christmas James was going to start his 5th grade, he was nervous because he was different for everybody, he moved from Canada to America, he had been to 2 schools in Calgary I’ll tell why did James move from Canada to America where he lived. He went to Bashaw primary school, one day on Halloween night he was dressed as a vampire and he loved Halloween better than Christmas. He walked into the school, everybody was high fiving him, but when arrived at his class his best friend said something about him to the other bullies that bullied him when he came to this school. He said I’m just friends with him because he’s very good at maths and science and I just copy every single time, and from that day he has been upset and moved to America.…show more content…
But your mum and I know better than all of them how pretty you are. James went to his dad and his dad go out there proof how good you are and you know you must wreck all the people in science and maths go out their son.
So, James went there and when he was walking through the school people stared at him and said everybody stay away from this kid this kid just weird I mean just look at him his face his messed. It will be his first day in American middle- school so he didn’t because it was different to his old school, he went to a random teacher who was the 7th grade teacher James asked him and said where I’m supposed to go because I’m new to this school and the teacher told him that if you are new to school you need to go to the principal office so he can introduce you to your new friends and then tell you where your class will

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