American Naturalism In Stephen Crane's The Blue Hotel

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"In these short stories, as in most of his work, Crane is a consummate ironist, employing a technique that most critics find consistently suggests the disparity between an individual 's perception of reality and reality as it actually exists." This quote is written by and applies to Stephen Crane 's "The Blue Hotel" as the entire story exists in the irony of one of the few characters introduced, the Swede. Being a consummate ironist means Stephen Crane is very skilled in the forming of his irony 's which can make it sometimes difficult to recognize all of them throughout his works. Other ironic situations occur throughout the story which will be explained in detail. American Naturalism is a form of literary genre that first originated as an art movement in the late nineteenth century. Naturalism is a form of writing in which the author uses a philosophical background to tell a story. Naturalism plays a very large role in the character of the Swede as when Crane wrote this character he chose the emotion of paranoia to influence his decision making which also has a large implication on how the story follows through. American Naturalism is the type of story to build upon external forces that affect a character, in this case Swede, and it ultimately affects his outcome. The quote provided is taken from an article written by the website and is a brief synopsis of Stephen Crane 's life and his previous writings. This quote is used to

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