American Nurses Association's Code Of Ethics

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Amidst a whirlwind of change, nurses continue their roles as competent, honorable professionals. A relatively new issue, cultural integrity, correlates with the Code regarding “treatment of the human response.” The American Nurses Association’s “Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements”, also called the Code, highlights nurses’ consensus on professional principles. Nursing ethics guide how practitioners treat their patients and peers. Sensitivity to individual societal, familial and cultural background plays an important role in organizational integrity. By observing the following six practices, nursing professionals make life choices that promote individual and societal wellbeing. Practice 1: Follow the Code The Code establishes guidelines for navigating issues that…show more content…
To date, scant resources represent the largest challenge faced by the mostly volunteer groups. However, health care ethics committees remain an important resource in for upholding cultural integrity and patient rights. Cultural integrity practices promote social justice, reducing inequality and increasing community wellness. As patients and nursing professionals grown increasing mobile, cultural integrity grows in relevance and importance. Cultural sensitivity has emerged as a standard practice among care provider organizations. As such, cultural competence is an important practice for improve patient and community health and promoting justice for all clients and professional peers. Duly, nursing leaders learn and education cultural integrity as an effective tool in advocating for individual rights. Sources: [1]
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