American Paint Horse Research Paper

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The American Paint Horse is a specific breed of a horse valued for their daring markings, color, and figure. People have numerous ways of telling apart Paints from the other different types of horse breeds. One of the ways of knowing if the horse is a Paint is by looking at the markings. Some of the markings include Tobiano, Overo, Tovero, and Solid Paint Horses; each of the horses come innumerable amounts of color. Horses come in several different types of families like the Black and Red Family. Another way to tell the difference between the countless breeds of horses is by their figure. The Paint horse is a combination of a Western Stock Horse and a Pinto spotting. The American Paint Horse is not only known for their markings and…show more content…
Many people know the common patterns of the American Paint Horse. The four common patterns are Tobiano, Overo, Tovero, and Solid. Although many people do not know that the American Paints come in several other patterns, such as the Sabino, Splashed White, and Medicine Hat. The difference between a Tobiano and Overo is mainly the color of the legs and tails. Tobiano’s tails are usually one color; however, Overo’s tails are usually two colors. White usually never crosses the back of an Overo. A Tovero pattern horse has one or both eyes blue; it has dark pigment around the mouth and ears. Some foals are born without color patterns (The American). Sabino has a different white pattern than the others. People can say Sabinos look like roan because the coat is not solid; it has white hairs mixed in the coat. Most of the time, Splashed White patterned horses have blue eyes and little white. The Medicine Hat pattern has a dark cap on the horse’s poll or a shield on its’ chest. People believed these horses carried spiritual protection into battles (Color). In addition, the American Paint Horse comes in numerous colors. Some examples of colors that belong in the Black Family are Blue Roan, Buckskin, Grey, Grullo, and Perlino. Examples from the Red Family are Red Dun, Palomino, and Cremello (The American). American Paint Horses come in a variety of patterns and
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