American Party Dbq

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The point of the party was to protest the new taxes, it was a very iconic event in American history which eventually led to the American revolution. Let us go back a little bit because the party was an extremely iconic event that made a lasting imprint on U.S. History. After a very long and costly war with France and England, King George and British Parliament needed to figure out a way to start recovering all the money lost, so what better than to tax the people to help raise money to pay off the massive debts. They chose to place this tax on tea sold in both England and its colonies. Their thoughts were that people would rather pay a tax than give up their daily tea. The tea was an item that the colonies had no other way to receive besides…show more content…
The royal governor at the time was Thomas Hutchinson, and he had no intention of allowing the people to force the ships to return to England. Due to the Boycotts, the workers refused to unload the ship in fear of the recent violence from The Sons Of Liberty. The governor held the ships in port, demanding that the cargo be unloaded and customs duties paid; however, the colonists, already stirred to action, were unwilling to bear the loss. On December 16 of the same year, there was a meeting of the citizens of the county of Suffolk, it began at one of the nearby churches in Boston, to figure out a non violent way to protest the unloading of the tea, or stop the people from the collection of the duties. At the meeting a committee was appointed to wait on Governor Hutchinson, and request him to let them know whether he would be willing to take any measures to satisfy the people on the reason for the…show more content…
"Let every man do his duty, and be true to his country”, cried the members and then they ended the meeting. That night, over 100 men including the Sons of Liberty dressed in Indian attire, the poncho and soot streaks soldiers wore during the French and Indian War. There was word that they might need some sort of protection, I mean they were about to commit a terrible crime, so they armed themselves with hatchets, axes, and pistols, and sneaked aboard the ships. Three ships cargo of precious teas lay in Boston harbor, their captains unaware of the iconic events that were soon to take place. The native American clothing was both to keep their identities a secret, and to show England that they were beginning to identify themselves as Americans, not British subjects. Upon arriving at the pier, they separated into three groups and several men took control. No one knew the names of their co-conspirators, nor did they know the names of the other commanders besides their own. They quickly and quietly boarded the ships and demanded the keys to the hatch from the captains. The men were under specific orders to cause no harm to anyone, and to carry out the rebellious act in an orderly fashion following all previously discussed guidelines. Soon the chopping of boxes could be heard on the nearby ships. The chests were torn open and the
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