American Pastoral Reflection

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Out of the many classes that I have taken this semester, this one has been very challenging for me. Although challenging, it was very educational in the way that it made me really learn. I had really learned a lot from both books that we had read, including the Myths that Made America, and American Pastoral. Although the Myths that Made America was supposed to inform, I felt that you could really take from American Pastoral in the same ways. If you had really paid attention, you could learn about the time period and the events that were talked in the book. In Paul’s book, I really thought that the myths that made this country was very informal in the way that it gave me insight in things I had not previously known. We perceive this nation…show more content…
We could learn from it in the way that we could relate it to how things are now with politics, and activists. I never really thought about war or politics in that way before reading the book. But after, I felt like I could understand more why people were upset and how we shouldn’t do anything extreme like that again. I understand more what could happen to someone if they decide to act against the government like that. The activities that we did in class helped tie in the lessons with what we learned in our homework. The ones that I really got the most information from was when we would pair into groups and Look at documents. The first day of class, when we did that for the first time gave me an idea on what the class would be like. Not just learning about history, but also learning about what we can take from the history. When we took the documents I thought I wouldn’t be able to identify, I was able to at least tell from what time period that they were from. Overall, the class has taught me a very meaningful amount of knowledge in the American Studies field. Although I will not be pursuing the subject as a major, I will be interesting in perhaps taking another class in the subject. It has taught me to think critically about certain times and periods of time, as well as how everything could be significant

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