American Policies During The 1800s Essay

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Several American policies during the 1800s affected our nation’s growth and the different groups of people who lived here. Our relationships with other countries changed, and most of the policies, while increasing the United States’ power and size, had negative impacts on Native people. The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 stated that no European countries were allowed to colonize or interfere with states in North or South America. It also stated that the United States would not become involved in any European wars (Foner and Garraty, 1991). Originally, Britain wanted to join the US in this policy, in order to protect Latin America from Spanish colonization. Monroe’s cabinet decided that the US would be better off issuing the Monroe Doctrine alone, keeping British out…show more content…
The United States wanted to remove Native Americans from the Southeast. The Indian Removal Act began 1830. It allowed southern states to purchase land that the Natives had settled on. They planned to divide land west of the Mississippi for the Native Americans to move to (, 2009). This was a very controversial event that many people opposed. The law required that Natives not be forced to leave their lands; however, President Andrew Jackson, who had signed the Act into law, often ignored this, and took Native land by force. Native Americans were relocated to land west of the Mississippi that the United States had gotten in the Louisiana Purchase (, 2009). The Choctaw nation was the first to be forced from its land. These Natives travelled on foot to their new lands, on what was later called the “Trail of Tears”. Thousands of them did not survive. By 1840, thousands of Native Americans had been driven from their lands in the southeastern states. These actions by the US government gave white settlers many thousands of acres of desirable
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