American Political System Essay

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The American political system is a particular example of a democracy. The United States of America were born on the 4th of July 1776 after their Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom. In reality they were born as a federal republic, it was only later in the Jacksonian period that the term ‘democratic’ came into use to describe it politically and it was a hundred years later, in the 1860s, that it became an adjective of general use among people.
The Supreme Court, which is the central argument we are going to focus on in this essay, was first defined by Article III of the American Constitution. In section 1 of such document we read: “The judicial Power of the United States shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior
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We can briefly say that the executive branch counts of the Presidency and the Bureaucracy and its role is to govern the state concerning everyday issues. The second branch is the legislative branch which is known as the Congress and it counts of the Senate and the House, its main task is to make laws. Finally we have the third branch made up of the Supreme Court and the lower courts which are the Court of Appeals and the District Courts; they all represent judicial…show more content…
This function of judicial review is not meant for specific cases but more importantly to guide the other two branches and we could say that thanks to this, the Supreme Court can actually modify laws to its preferences and interests. This is one of the main features that lead people to believe it is the most powerful branch of American government and even though it may sound extreme, we could very well say that the way the Supreme Court can declare something unconstitutional is unconstitutional
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