American Progress, By John Gast, Manifest Destiny,

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In the nineteenth century, many Americans felt the strong desire to possess the western part of the continent. The American people felt that ist was their destiny to gain control of that land. They had an idea called Manifest dDestiny, which promoted westward expansion and made the American people feel obligated to gain possession of the wWest for the United States. Three texts, American Progress -by John Gast, Manifest Destiny, 1839 -by John O’Sullivan, and “Reporting to the President, September 23-December 31, 1806” -by Stephen Ambrose, describe the struggle of the Americans wanting to control and own the land that cannot truly be possessed. The first text, American Progress -John Gast, is a painting that helped describe the Americans relationship with the western lands which was a rich one due to the Americans beginning to populate the area. The painting shows the American people moving towards the western land and beginning to settle on the land. The painting also portrays the iIndians and buffalo being moved off the land due to the Americans beginning to colonize the western lands. The Americans knew that they could not control the land without physically being there…show more content…
In a by claiming ownership of the land. All three texts, all describe of how the Americans expanded westward in order to gain control of the land. In the painting, it shows the Americans settling on the western frontier. “Manifest Destiny, 1839” describes that America is destined to control the whole hemisphere and the idea of Manifest Destiny will help get them to fulfill that goal. Lastly, “rReporting to the President, September 23- December 31, 1806” tells of how Americans explored the wWest to show that they had big plans of controlling the wWest. All three texts describe America's relationship to the land and what they would do to help achieve that main goal of controlling the

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