American Red Cross Clara Barton Character Traits

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Clara Barton was a shy young girl who grew up to become one of the most respected women in American history. She spent much of her life caring for and inspiring people. Throughout her life she was a teacher, a nurse, and a great organizer. When she taught she helped and inspired the kids to do better. When she nursed people she comforted and cared for them. By founding the American Red Cross she took care of people during disasters and inspired people to help each other. Clara Barton helped many people by teaching them, nursing soldiers and others, and by founding the American Red Cross.
Clara Barton was a teacher for many years. As a child, she was quite shy. Because of her shyness, Lorenzo Niles Fowler told her parents that teaching would help Clara overcome being shy and quiet. Clara Barton started teaching at a small school house at the age of 18. On her first day she was extremely nervous for two reasons. The first reason being that people told her that a group of boys made the teacher
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From seeing this she became determined to make a free public school because not everybody could afford school and she thought everybody should have an education. Clara went to the authorities and tried to convince them to open a free school. She even offered to teach for free as long as the children were educated and she could have a school house. After a while authorities agreed and gave her a tiny school house that she was able to use for teaching children. On the first day, there were only six students there. Parents heard a lot about it from other people and every day Clara got more students. By the end of the first year, she had six hundred students in the tiny school house. She had two of her friends help her teach because she could not teach six hundred children by herself. Clara’s school got so big they had to move into a bigger
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