American Revolution DBQ Essay

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The American Revolution was the start of the America’s history and one of the biggest turning points in that era. All the colonists remembered the daring fight against Britain for land and liberty. Yet, 29 years later another war broke out between Britain and America. The same arguments were in place as before, America was pushing for land and defending their liberties. In these ways the War of 1812 can easily be viewed as the second American Revolution. After winning the French and Indian war in 1763 Britain received a large amount of land west of the Appalachian Mountains. The colonists were eager to settle in the newfoundland, but the King’s Proclamation of 1763 forbade any colonists from settling there. This restriction of land was unjustified to the colonies and when they rose up to fight in the American Revolution in 1765 one of their goals was to be able to rule their own land. The belief in controlling their land strengthened as Britain continued to abuse the colonies’ settlements. In the Quartering Acts the King had forced the colonists to house British soldiers and allow them to invade their property. Their strong cry for land and control of it was heard upon winning the American Revolution. Similar issues arose during the War of 1812. Several British citizens had maintained a residence in the US…show more content…
Britain kept the colonists from moving past the Appalachian Mountains in 1763 and insured that the natives stopped American movement in the 1800’s. Throughout the late 1700’s Britain ignored the colonies’ complaints about their rights. Even after becoming their own country, Britain did not condone their freedom and stopped their exports and sailors. The issues that arose in the two wars are so similar that it is easy to consider the War of 1812 the second American
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