American Revolution: Everybody Grow Apart From Britain

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American Revolution Final Essay Everybody grows apart from something, whether it’s a person, place, or thing. In this case, the colonists grew apart from Britain, which was unheard of back in those days. King George III was the king of Britain during the colonies and the revolutionary war. He did many things that angered the colonists and he wanted them to stay a part of Britain. He did as much as he could to make sure that they stayed. Which meant that he issued taxes and wanted to control the colonist’s life. But, doing so, he angered many people in the colonies and made most of the colonists want to leave and from britain even more than they already did. There were three reasons that made the colonists really mad and made them want to leave. Doing these things were also part of his obsession to control the colonists’ lives: first, him and parliament passed tremendous amounts of acts that costs the colonists a lot of money. Second, he passed the Proclamation of 1763 which stated that the colonists couldn 't move past the Appalachian mountains. And lastly, king George III wanted to govern all of the 13 colonies that the colonists had to develop. The first reason that king George III controlled the of the colonists lives were he passed laws and acts that were very costly. He did this to pay for…show more content…
This angered the colonists because they worked really hard to make and grow these settlements and he wanted to come right in a rule everyone. The colonists wanted their own form of government and wanted to break from britain. The King thought that because he had sent the colonists over seas to America that the colonies were his and that he had to be the ruler but most of the colonists didn’t agree. The king had tried other things to try to control the colonists’ lives but he was wrong and only made the colonists want to leave
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