American Revolution Generals

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Main generals of the American Revolution
There were many Generals involved in the revolutionary war, but very few really made a difference in the outcome of the U.S., some of the generals who did being George Washington and Nathanael Greene. The commanding generals were an essential part of the American Revolution. Without the commanders of the revolutionary war many of the most memorable battles in American History would not exist. General John Burgoyne went back to England after giving the Battle of Saratoga to the colonies. Another example is William Howe a British Commander who captured New York and Philadelphia. The Colonies main generals being William Heath,Benjamin Lincoln, and George Washington. William Heath who fought in the Battle of Lexington and the Siege of Boston was a huge part of the American Revolution. As well as Benjamin Lincoln who Fought all over the United States from Massachusetts to Charleston he took part in many battles often
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General Sir Guy Carleton was commander of British troops during the American War he lead the defense during the Battle of Quebec, Carleton was also responsible for the safe removal of the slaves who joined the British. Henry Clinton whose meticulous record-keeping has given America is only historical information on many Revolutionary War spies, but is also known for leading the British as commander-in-chief for a good portion of the American Revolution. William Howe was another of the British commander in chief’s during the American Revolution, known for capturing New York and Philadelphia. General Sir Banastre Tarleton,Was not a British general and did not earn the title General until after the Revolutionary War but was very well known during the Revolutionary war as a British soldier for the title of “The most hated officer in
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