American Revolution History

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History of the American Revolution There have been many revolutions throughout history. A revolution in the 13 colonies of Britain resulted in the formation of a new country. From 1754-1776 the British government produced unfair taxes and attacks that angered the colonists and led to a war that would create a country. The Declaration of Independence was a result of the unjustified taxes, attempted seizing of weapons, and violence between British troops and the colonists. The Declaration was written and signed in 1776 and the colonies were free from their tyrannical motherland. The revolt began after the French and Indian War ended in 1763 and Britain needed money to pay for the war. Since the British blamed the colonists for starting a war…show more content…
The colonists in Boston were so outraged that the Sons of Liberty snuck to the shipyard in Native American costumes and threw 342 chests of tea into the harbor. This event is famously known as the Boston Tea Party. As a result, in 1774 the Coercive Acts, nicknamed the Intolerable Acts by the colonists, were a new set of taxes that only affected Boston. It forbade trade between Boston and the other colonies and it took away their rights to self-govern. These actions toward Boston were unfair considering that there were many other similar Tea Parties that were completely ignored by the British. But the Boston Tea Party was the most destructive. These actions by the British resulted in the colonists selecting representatives to send to discuss the issues with the other colonies, thus resulting in the First Continental Congress. The First Continental Congress discussed how the colonies should react. They sent a figurative olive branch to the British government in hopes of repairing the torn allegiance. Sadly, King George declined their apology and said that the forms of retaliation had been unforgiveable. They finally decided to plan a boycott of all British goods to show that they still had control over what happened to their colonies. This was a very smart and peaceful approach, and it showed the British government that the colonists could not be pushed around by pieces of…show more content…
A revolution of British colonies led to one of the most powerful countries in the world today. The Declaration of Independence led to the founding of a nation. The Declaration was a product of injustice, money struggles, and the freedom to bear arms. America was founded on the struggle to be free from an oppressive society. America’s Independence from Britain resulted from a moral obligation to form a society where people can be free and treated fairly. We take forward that obligation to insure that others are treated
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