What Was The Cause Of The American Revolution Essay

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There were many contributing factors to the cause of the American Revolution. Debate surrounds what sparked the hearts and minds of the colonists to strike free from the British monarchy, yet it all boils down to this: political issues, over economic factors, led to the Revolutionary War. To grasp the reasoning behind this, there are three vital things that must be understood, the relationship and differences between political issues and economic factors, how many issues there really were that involved the economy, and how all the controversies finally merged together to form a final political issue that led to the beginning of the war. To truly gain an understanding of what truly caused the American Revolution, one must divulge the relationship between political issues and economic factors. The term “political issues” refers to quarrels disputed between or within political systems of government. There is a wide range of what such issues can be. Foreign policy, free trade, and taxation all fall under this category. The most important thing to understand about political issues is that they…show more content…
The relationship between them and political issues is that factors can be the topic of a political issue, but they cannot be the sole cause of conflict because conflict only arises if the different viewpoints of the factor choose to enter into rivalry, thus it becomes a political issue because as it is said in the definition: it is a quarrel between governments. Not many issues that lead to the war had much to do with any economy, the issues that had nothing to do with it far surpass the ones that do. What it boiled down to was a dispute between political systems. Nothing played a more vital role that that of the colonists’ yearn for a different political system of government, thus proving that political issues, as opposed to economic factors, caused the American
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