American Revolution Salutary Neglect Analysis

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The American Revolution has been a lighthouse to many other revolutions and riots during history, but what started it all? When was the ideas of the American Revolution first planted into the young minds of our forefathers? And why do we even still talk about the American Revolution. To understand this, we have to go back to the year 1763. Otherwise known as the turning point in events that led to the American Revolution with salutary neglect through mercantilism, and colonial government, that helped give the colonies a small feeling of independence. Sometimes we forget how important our independence really is. The colonists that came to the New World first tasted independence in colonial government. The government in England had persecuted the colonists for their religious beliefs. This is one of the main reasons why so many people left England in search of a better…show more content…
Salutary neglect is when England started to not have strict enforcement of parliament laws that were meant to keep American colonies obedient to England. One way salutary neglect happened was through mercantilism. During this time there were navigation laws placed in America that stated that only the England could trade with the 13 colonies, and if the colonies wanted imports from other countries they had to go through England to get those Imports. This made it so England got a large profit of money through the colonies with mercantilism. Once England started paying little attention to these navigation laws, America started to trade with countries other than England. This boosted the economy in America because now it was exporting and importing directly to countries instead of going through England. This demonstrated to some colonists that they didn’t really need to rely on England, and that they could sustain themselves on their own through their independent
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