American Revolution Social Changes

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The American War of Independence brought about a revolution, forever changing the social fabric of America. The greatest impact of the revolution is largely realized within the economic sphere; however, most perceived social and or political changes during the American Revolution were essentially left in the lurch. It is indisputable that the American Revolution was motivated by economic issues and brought about drastic changes to the economic system within America. Revolutionaries, the majority of which being the American colonial bourgeoisie, mainly revolted in order to dismantle British mercantilism due to the fact they found it to be incompatible with their own economic interests; specifically, they wished to expand further westward,…show more content…
The concepts of full equality in the Americas, though discussed often, fell short unless economic interests had at least some relevance to said issues. Promises of equality went unanswered following the revolution despite the valiant efforts of so many marginalized and oppressed groups of people that were taken in order to gain and preserve personal liberties for themselves and others. Such an absence of social change is astoundingly evident within a letter written by Benjamin Banneker, a Free Black, to then Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. Banneker questions the sincerity of the Declaration of Independence in stating that all men were created equal whilst such a large black population underwent captivity, abuse, and harsh oppression (Document 8). Political change was also unlikely due to the fact that even though there was no sovereign, the same bicameral legislature remained as well as voting rights that prohibited the votes of all who were not white men with property as well as essentially preventing the ascension of most individuals without access to forms of higher education. This singular view towards the qualified citizen is clearly displayed within Alexander Hamilton’s records of the Federal Convention; Hamilton remarks that the rich and poor are separated into two distinct communities and that only the rich and well born may have permanent share in the government in order to avoid unsteadiness (Document 3). The American Revolution, though resulting in the formation of a democratic nation, by far the greatest coup was realized in the economic system of the newly developed state. Whereas, most social and or political changes were precarious following the conflict and attributable to the characteristics of the given historical
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