American Revolution: The Boston Massacre

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The major events of the American Revolution included many horrific things that many people are astonished even to hear about today. Some of the horrific events were accidental, some involved miscommunication, and some were the results of violence by cruel people. One of the major events, though, contained all of the three reasons, and it is widely known as The Boston Massacre. Some people interpret the Boston Massacre as an event based on rage, but it was, in fact, nearly the opposite. It was based very little on rage, in fact, it was mostly an accident. The infamous Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770 was the result of the Patriots protesting, Britain’s outrageous laws, and the gruesome consequences wounded three, and even killed five innocent Patriots. The laws passed by the British caused protests that harmed the economies and lives of both the…show more content…
The massacre changed the lives of the families and friends of the victims of the massacre, and it also changed the lives of the soldiers. The laws and protests during the time of the massacre were almost as horrific as the massacre itself. Most of the laws were set to tax the Colonies so that Britain could pay their debts, but they did not work due to the boycotts the Patriots had used to protests them. The Townshend Acts, created by Charles Townshend, were a taxation of all of all of the goods that were imported into America. The acts were so outrageous, that it eventually led to the Boston Massacre. Hugh Montgomery was an innocent soldier of the British army that was found in the wrong place at the wrong time. The wrong place was in front of the British Customs House, and the wrong time was March 5, 1770. This man was considered responsible for the Boston Massacre, but all he did wrong was that his gun accidentally went off. In conclusion, this horrific event should be remembered not as a day in history, but as a day that changed
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