American Revolution: The Haitian Revolution

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The American, French, and Haitian Revolutions all had a transcending effect on society and the overall government. All of them were based on Enlightenment principles that inspired change for them. In addition, they all had Constitutions and similar political powers. As a result, they all establish a Constitutional Republic. However, the Haitian Revolution was the most revolutionary out of all three of them. The Haitian Revolution started in 1791 and lasted until early 1800s. While the American Revolution had to deal with external opponents, and the French Revolution had to deal with external opponents, the Haitian Revolution had to deal with both. This led to them having more conflicts to fight. In addition, although they all had constitutions, the Haitian Revolution worked to abolish slavery. This is different since both the American and French Constitutions had slavery involvement within them. Another reason on why it’s more revolutionary is because it has a major impact to the slave society. This brought fear to slave owners, and increased rebellions. Overall, the Haitian Revolution is more revolutionary because it resulted in a successful slave…show more content…
The cause of the American Revolution was the 7 Year War and the introduction of taxes, and the Cause of the French Revolution was the faulty government structure. The primary cause of the Haitian Revolution was slavery. Slavery played a major role because both the British, and the French were thoroughly involved. In addition, the Haitian Constitution’s primary goal was to end slavery. All of the three revolutions had a constitution, however, the Haitian Constitution was the only one mentioning ending slavery. This is seen in Title II Of the Inhabitants Art.3, .“There cannot exist slaves on this territory, servitude is therein forever abolished. All men are born, live and die free and French” The Constitution states its goal clearly to the
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