American Revolution: The Most Important Event In US History

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American Revolution:

The American Revolution is a very important event in U.S history and I think that this is the most important event in U.S history. It was known as the war of Independence and there is a reason why. It was caused by tension between Britain and the 13 colonies about independence. This was a long battle but was won by the colonist so they gained independence. I think that this is the most important because without this battle the America wouldn't be the same. It would still be under the power of britain and do as they say so, without the American Revolution we wouldn't be a country or have much independence.

Declaration of independence:

The Declaration of Independance was a document created mostly by Thomas Jefferson on July 4, 1776 and I think this is the second most important event. It was signed by a couple people and some of those people are Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. This is also celebrated as the birth of independence since it was the beginning of independance, and this was all after the Revolutionary War. I put this as the second most important event is U.S history because it
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This war was sad at times with many battles that were lost and even the burning of the nation's capital. This war was also known as the second war of independence since it helped with independence. This war had ended with the treaty of ghent but not many people knew it was over because of how slow the word of the war ending got around. Since no one knew there was another battle but then it had ended with a win. After this war americans had much more pride and independence for their new country. I think this is the third most important thing because obviously it helped gain independance more but also because we were able to start making our own businesses and factories so we had our own
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