American Revolution: The Most Significant Changes In The United States

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Beginning in the 18th century, colonial frustrations with the British monarchy intensified. For many decades, the colonists had been left to govern themselves in a process referred to as salutary neglect; however, after Britain went to war against France in 1754 colonial management of affairs would be stripped away. This would be the first spark of many that would inspire the American Revolution. Though the United States would experience significant changes in their government, economic system and social conditions, influences from their mother country would always be apparent. Before 1660, England had governed the Chesapeake and New England colonies loosely, allowing the colonies to develop their own system of government which regulated affairs. Shortly afterward, decisions about taxation were decided by the British Parliament. Radicals such as Benjamin Franklin proposed, “ If you choose to tax us give us Members in your Legislature, and let us be one People.” Unwilling to cause tension with …show more content…

The colonies economy was primarily composed of agriculture, slave labor and commerce. During the American Revolution, America allied with France for military and financial support, and the borrowed money of their people. After independence was achieved the new government desperately needed a way to pay off their war debts. Alexander Hamilton devised a Financial Program that consisted on developing public credit, a national bank and manufacturing. His plan to create public credit was key to developing America’s loan prospects, since it was an up and coming nation. The plan highlighted the use of a national banking system similar to that of the bank of England except it was guaranteed to protect American civil liberties. This banking system would eventually lead to the establishment of several other banks creating a more independent

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