American Revolution Turning Point

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After being defeated in New York city, Washington’s troops retreated to New Jersey. They were attacked by the Hessians and were pushed to cross the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. The Continental Army was vanishing, however they decided to attack Hessians in offensive position at Trenton, New Jersey. With 2400 soldiers, the Continental Army won the battle. Importance was that in this battle, Continental Army captured 900 prisoners, which inspired more soldiers to join them (many soldiers were about to leave because of their contract). After the Trenton Battle, George Washington forced toward Princeton, New Jersey. British General Cornwallis rushed to stop them, but Washington’s troops tricked them by leaving their campfires burning, and attacked British soldiers from behind.…show more content…
British decided to cut off New England from other colonies with a unique plan. Burgoyne’s army would move south toward Albany from Canada, and General Howe would sail the Hudson River to meet them in Albany. Due to miscommunication Howe sailed the Chesapeake instead. The Patriots’ plan was to chop down trees to block the route. Burgoyne finally had to retreat. The significance of this battle was to boost the morals, in addition it was a turning point of the revolutionary war. A young Frenchman, the Marquis de Lafayette was inspired by the concepts of the American Revolution. He joined the Continental Army with his soldiers, donated $200,000 and raised funds. He also helped the Patriots to defeat the British in Virginia during 1780-1781. The significance was how the Americans inspired others. Baron Friedrich Von Steuben was an adroit Prussian military officer. He trained American
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