American Revolution Vs French Revolution Research Paper

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A Revolution is a changing rebellion, the overthrowing of a government by those who are governed. It is also a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. Thankfully today both France and the United States of America are independent countries. This is because of the Revolution they both had to undergo in the past in order to rightfully get their independence. America gained their independence on July 4, 1776 and France gained theirs on July 14, 1789. Both the American and French Revolution is very important to their countries history; but they are also very different. The America Revolution dealt with the people that were not loyal to Britain. The British colonies in America rebelled against the rule / king of Great Britain. There were many reasons why the colonists decided they needed to rebel against Great Britain. One of the main…show more content…
Before the Revolution, France used to be an absolute monarchy and thanks to the Revolution it became a republic based on principles, citizenship, and inalienable rights. The French Revolution was a very violent time period and the French faced a lot of bloodshed The French Revolution was due to: citizens not being pleased with the monarchy, high and unequal taxes, social realities, food prices, and the governments lack of concern to the lower classes. The French was divided into social glasses from the very rich to the very poor. The rich majority of the money but there was a larger population of the poor (almost 1/3 of the population). The French wanted a Republic and the first step they did to achieve was no other way than beheading their king, Louis XVI. It is also said that the French Revolution was not very successful. This is because France killed way too many people by guillotine. Frances actions the leaders took were unable to provide stability to the population of
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