American Revolution Women

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The American Revolution was a turning point for the nation, displaying the impact of what started as small colonies believing wholeheartedly in independence for the people and being victorious through many tribulations. Considering women during the eighteenth century, who had the conventional status of housework and taking care of the family shifted to what was only considered a ‘man 's job’ after the Revolution. Women contributed greatly to the victory of the American Revolution; changed by protesting British goods, becoming nurses, fighting on the battlefield, the action took on the homefront, and thus gaining more independence afterward for greater opportunities. Without the diligent service of women this independent nation could not be what…show more content…
The demand was that “the Continental army needed for them to raise funds and the making of other furnishings for them, and the supply was the women’s enthusiasm in doing this.” (website) The American Revolution lasted over a period of eight long years, during this time the original perspectives of men have changed and began to write more openly about it. The poem entitled “The Attempt is Praise,” goes into detail about the“The patriot females who their country save, Till time’s abyss, absorb’d in heav’nly lays, Shall flow in your eternity of praise.”(ps poem) This was from the mans standpoint praises for the work women did and how their efforts were not…show more content…
This was by taking care of the farm, store, homes, and businesses. They sewed uniforms and made food for the soldiers and many became nurses to care for the wounded. (Brianna 24) With new band of freedom women did the things traditionally known to men. “In turn, these new responsibilities provided them with a sense of confidence in themselves and in their abilities to handle unfamiliar duties.” (gale) Women’s organization began to form most common was the Daughters of Liberty, which were women and girls gathering in homes and on town squares to spin wool for the Patriots as British boycotted cloth. The colonists were not listened to and because of the boycotting British goods the taxes did not stop. Mercy Warren did more than just grumble, she took her words to writing and shared her opinions and anger. (Biranna 7) Noted for her first publication of “The Adulateur,” described British officers to be foolish and violent while contrasting the Patriots as bold and intelligent.
Perhaps the lowest status had to be black women slaves, who had no authority over anything. Phyllis Wheatley and many other proved otherwise by their writing of poetry in the belief that everyone is deserving of freedom. Mothers who care for their young have qualities that they would give anything for their family and was the very model of proper repulican behavoir. It was the “idea of
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