Romantic Comedy Films

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The rising popularity of American Rom-com films has come to distinct perspectives on romance. Romantic Comedy is a genre that incorporate love and humor; a sub-genre of comedy films and romantic films. William Shakespeare is one of the well-known romantic comedy writers. His plays like A Midsummer Night’s Dream gave the basic concept of romance to many films: two people meet and live happily ever after (Yehlen n.p). Romantic comedy films create a cheerful and amusing atmosphere that consolidate romantic standards such as “true love”. Most films over-dramatize; show a distorted deception of love and relationships and can negatively affect us. These films portray the social culture neighboring courtship, sexuality and gender. Above al, American…show more content…
Films in the 2000s are based on what the audience wants or envisions. The portrayal of gay or homosexual relationships that was gradually introduced in the 90s, grew and developed in the 2000s. For example, Summer Storm (2004), is about two guy best friends that fell in love with each other over the summer. Multicultural or Interracial relationships also developed, Lakeview Terrace (2008) showed interracial newlyweds who moved next door to an LAPD officer who strongly dislikes them. Sex became a big part of Romance comedy films. One romantic encounter that was introduced in the 2000s was the “Meet-Cute”. This concept is shown when probable couples meet and give a bad impression with one another. It is also the awkwardness between probable couples. In movies, potential couples who are the complete opposites are very common. And the “Meet-Cute” situation contributes to the meeting of the complete opposite potential couples. A Meet-cute situation was shown in Notting Hill (1999), when William spilled juice on Anna, which caused them to converse. Teens showcase relationships with witty and diverse descriptions and classifies them as genuine or misleading. The contrast between love and infatuation is a big part of teens’ perspective on romantic relationships is an example. It takes time for a teenager to recognize the difference between infatuation and love. Infatuation is an intense but temporary feeling of attraction and admiration; it is also when one is carried away with the feeling of love— “addictive love”. Among the so-called ''tweens'' of middle school, Dr. Furman said, the point of a crush ''is mostly to be able to say you have a boy- or girlfriend,'' and to start to know the opposite sex. Next, he said, boys and girls date in groups -- ''you kiss, then go to
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