American Romanticism: Emily Dickinson And Walt Whitman

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American Romanticism American Romanticism is a concept that developed in the 17th century. Romanticism is all about emotions, the meaning of life, religion, society, the human form, death, and nature. Romanticism is very diverse and complex because each writer interprets the themes differently and each person who reads the poem can see something different and unique. Two famous and influential romantic poets were Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. Although Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were both romantic poets they interpreted society and death in two completely different ways. Emily Dickinson had a strong cold feeling toward society, so much so that she shut herself in a room and focused on expressing her emotions through poetry. At the…show more content…
When Dickinson was young she thought of death as a kind, peaceful gentleman. She elaborates on this idea in her poem “Because I could not Stop for Death”, “Because I could not stop for Death/ He kindly stopped for me/ We slowly drove - He knew no haste,” Emily Dickinson uses the personification of Death in a way that bears resemblance to a classy, peaceful gentleman who is willing to slowly guide and patiently wait for a lady. Her wording also gives the connotation that she is young and in love with this gentle Death. This idea abruptly turns into hatred when she loses her parents. Dickinson uses her poem “My life Closed Twice Before its Close” to express her emotions and question toward the taking of her parents. She…show more content…
There are very many themes and each of those themes can be interpreted very differently by both the writer and the reader. American romantic poets Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman wrote on the same topics and themes of romanticism, but they had very different views. Emily Dickinson was put away by society, so she cut herself off completely from the unjust and stark society. Walt Whitman on the other hand loved how diverse society and how anyone has the freedom to choose their path. Additionally when everyone’s song is combined it creates a beautiful melody. Emily Dickinson had multiple views on death. At first she was in love with the peaceful, gentle side of death, but that all changed when she lost her everything, her parents to death. The significance is that Romanticism is a diverse thing and it can be shaped a formed to the writers likings, but it will only have an effect if the reader interprets the poem in the same

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