American Romanticism

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Elements of American Romanticism in Short Stories

American Romanism was a literature time period that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century and in most areas was at its peak in the approximate period from 1800 to 1850 (Carroll). Romantic literature was very popular with writers like Washington Irving, William Cullen Bryant, and Edgar Allen Poe just to name a few. These writers used many techniques in their writing to help convey certain feelings and emotions that are characteristics apart of American Romanticism. American Romanticism is a movement composed of many smaller movements some of them including gothicism, imagination, and physical and mental abnormality with the characters and the authors. Edgar Allen Poe was
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Irving was yet again another fantastic example of a talented writer. In one of his stories “ The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow” he continuously is showing American Romanticism themes. In his story there is a lot of creepy and not human like characters who seem to be very prominent in the story. One of the characters in the story that is strange is the headless horseman. believed to be a Hessian soldier who lost his head to a cannonball in battle. This character brings a sense of grotesqueness and gore to the story. Ichabod Crane is another character Irving uses in his story to portray a sense of wealth and greed. Ichabod is intrigued by one of his students he teaches and realizes she is very wealthy. Ichabod’s true character comes out when he starts to compete for her heart with another man. The reader can really feel the sense of need and greediness from Ichabod for his student. The horseman messes with Ichabod at the end of then story and Irving really is messing with the readers mind, but in a good…show more content…
The elements of American Romanticism really focus on making the reader think deeper. What the author writes in the book could have deeper meanings. For instance when the author talks a lot about characters having depressing thoughts or issues with family members, that could mean the author has had past experience with hard times with family members, or struggled with depression. Overall the themes that American Romanticism brings are good to get a reader deep into thought and have deep insightful thoughts. The way the writers wrote their stories lets the reader know how the writer feels and knowledge on the authors personal
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