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In Brad Paisley's song American Saturday Night a great deal about the cultural diversity in America is seen throughout the song. In the chorus specifically Paisley lists several things that "make America great" as a whole. American is just a big melting pot of so many cultures, religions, and different people from all over the globe. I think this song does just that in representing what America really is. So, with that being said, the song and video portray a view of America and all the many cultural universals, which are customs and practices that occur across societies (Kendall pg.), that make up the United States. When America was established that is where everyone wanted to be because it was where you could bring yours or start a family in a free country. There is so many opportunities here, so with that people started migrating to the US. When they migrated they brought their customs and ways of life with them and that carried on through families.
The theme of culture in the song for example the verse where it says "It's a
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Specifically in the music video it uses New York as a location. This is a great location I think because of all of the cultural differences in America, and this is really where the heart of it all is. When we think is New York we think of all of the different subcultures in just that city alone. Subcultures are a category of people who share beliefs, values, and norms and thinking about it, New York is extremely diverse in its people. In the music video when it shows a view going through New York showing scenes of different people in the streets and stores there are food stands with all of the different cuisines sung about in the song itself. Each stand is a symbol of where it originated from and how they all have a different style of cooking that they bring to the

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