American School System Persuasive Essay

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In his speech to the Republican National Convention, Eric Trump has announced his humiliation for the classification of the American school system, “ranked 30th in the world.” America is an economic, political and military superpower but the USA should improve the education system. As American schools could be the most innovative compared to all the other countries, it could have some defeats, coming from the administrative system or also from the students themselves. The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) has measured the performance of 15-year-old students in mathematics, science, and reading literacy every 3 years since 2000. PISA assesses the skill level acquired for the end of the compulsory education. -PISA 2012 results report that “Students in the United States performed near the middle of the pack. On average…show more content…
A few years ago, it was Finland, and before that it was Japan. It’s tempting to want to say the implementation of some country’s [math curriculum] would work, but it just plays out so differently in each state and locality.” It’s not known why the results of this test are so low. Probably the insufficient preparation of the teachers to the shortage of opportunities. Comparing the Finnish and American school system, there are few things that stand out to the eye. In Finland teachers must have master’s degrees and only 10% of Finnish, college graduates are accepted into the teacher training program, colleges that are free. On the shoulders of American college students, it weights a debt to nearly a trillion dollars. The sum of the debts accumulated for entry to university courses has exceeded the credit card as major source of debt of the country and is subject to the demands of the movement Occupy Wall Street
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