American Slavery 1100 To 1600 Essay

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Slavery has had a great impact on our world, but the years 1100 - 1600 were some of the most dynamic eras in history. The most controversial regions that brought on many changes to the slavery system were Africa, Europe, and Middle East. Though these regions shared many similarities within their systems, however, the differences are also worth mentioning. The most notable characteristics of each were the types of people enslaved, the duration of their time serving, and lastly based upon their religion. The form of slavery that was being used in Africa between 1100 and 1600 was only for those that had to pay off debts or crimes. Even if you were a slave you still had rights and were treated well by your prospective owner. In addition, slaves…show more content…
Such as the way they treated their slaves that were prisoners from war and those who committed a crime with no rights. Europe’s major form of slavery was serfdom. The main source of slavery was enslaving non christians. If practicing anything else other than Monotheism then they would be enslaved. Even Irish Celts who would convert to Christianity were suspected of practicing non christian rituals. Chattel slavery never allowed slaves to be free and their children and children's children would forever be slaves regardless of how long or hard they worked for their owners. You had to be christian in Europe so you would not be labeled a slave. The Christians in Europe would raid coastal town to find non- christians and force them to become their slaves. Those who became chattel slaves in Europe were just a piece of property with no rights. This system of slavery changed the rightful meaning of enslaving those who did wrong, it become a business for Europeans to getting as many slaves as possible from anyplace to increase the amount of work they needed to be done and the amount of money made from their work. Slavery has changed in many aspects from 1100 to the 1600 with chattel slavery being in placed by the Europeans. On the contrary, Africa and the Middle East did not follow chattel slavery. The system of slavery they utilized with their slaves both gave them rights and

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