American Sniper Character Analysis

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"When The Past Is In The Present" In the autobiographical story American Sniper written by Chris Kyle, he accurately demonstrates how traumatic events from war can greatly affect military personnel and how they struggle to keep their friendships and relationships alive. The novel represents how soldiers of war and traumatizing events and atmospheres, such as the Middle East can be greatly affected. Countless times Chris Kyle was crippled by the brutal and gruesome events during his deployment to the Middle east. He showed signs of anger, frustration, and a lack of communication as a result of the atmosphere. The PTSD gained from his life experiences in the army haunt him throughout the novel. PTSD causes different emotional effects for many people, although anger resonates in most. The cause of this could be many different things. Individuals with PTSD often feel enraged and don’t know how to deal with the overpowering emotion, so they take their…show more content…
These individuals with PTSD need help.One must have the want and the desire to spring from the depressing feelings and isolation that they are trapped in and put forth the most time and effort possible to overcome something like this. PTSD is no joke, clearly shown by Chris Kyle and many others. Many military personnel are greatly affected by war. Throughout their times of being in hostile atmospheres, such as the middle; most have been greatly affected by this. PTSD causes many different feelings, whether they are single or with a family. Many times within the novel Chris Kyle felt bad for his family and had no idea what to attempt to conclude these horrors in his mind. Most with PTSD will never forget these hardships they have had to undergo. There won’t be any way to forget it, it’s how they deal with their issues and prioritize what they want to achieve in life. Chris Kyle was haunted by these tragedies from his tours in the war to the day he
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