American Sniper Chris Kyle Essay

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Chris Kyle was a sniper in the Navy SEALS during the Iraq War and got awards and promotions during his career which earned him a reputation and title. In training, he busted a drug dealer in an exercise in the city. He was so skilled at his job that his chief told him to become a navigator. His largest kill was from 2100 feet away in Sadr City. He won 2 Silver Stars and 5 Bronze Stars for valor. One of the Bronze Stars that he received was for valor in combat when he fought with the Marines and saved many of the Marines’ lives and even a reporter’s life. He also had a high count of confirmed kills in his career. Later in his career, he was promoted to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) which means that he takes to high officers and tell them what could be better for equipment and training for snipers and for SEALS. Finally, he is…show more content…
I want to be like Chris Kyle because of his perseverance, dedication, and determination. I learned that all the branches of the military work together. I also learned that the branches of the military request for a certain position and then they get what is available no matter the branch. Also, I learned that soldiers get stars for their work in combat. Another thing that I learned was that soldiers pack a lot for deployment unlike what I thought that they packed hardly anything due to the circumstances of having a lot of people coming at one time. I also learned that soldiers have to take pictures along the way of picking up a criminal so that they can prove that they did not beat up the criminal. Finally I learned that the opponents of the United States in a war can have wanted posters of someone on the United States side and have money on that person's head like the insurgents had on Chris Kyle’s head of 80,000 dollars at one point. I recommend this book to people who like action filled books and people who like to read books about

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