American Sniper Essay

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American Sniper is an action movie based on one of the greatest snipers in American history. It was directed and partially produced by Clint Eastwood. The movie was released on December 25, 2014. Jason Hall wrote American Sniper. The protagonist of the movie is Chris Kyle, who is played by Bradley Cooper. It goes into depth of what Chris Kyle experienced through his days as a Navy SEAL. Chris Kyle lived in Texas and his dream was to become a cowboy. After experiencing September 11, 2001 he decided to change his mind and join the Navy SEALS to become a sniper. The movie takes place in the state of Texas and in the country of Iraq. First, American Sniper is based on a true story. The movie took place when middle eastern terrorists attacked the…show more content…
This made the story very interesting. The story demonstrated the tough decisions that the snipers had to make in this war. The snipers had to go through a lot of extremely difficult training. It took a lot of severe dedication and motivation. Being a sniper is a very tough position. It demands many responsibilities. Always, they had to protect their “brothers” while they were traveling to their destinations. The reason why “brothers” is used is because in war each other are all they have. Snipers had to stay put without leaving their location to make sure their squad members did not get ambushed, murdered by the enemy, or stuck into a trap. The enemy would set traps in the ground and the sniper would watch to make sure the Americans did not come into contact with the traps. Also, the snipers would catch the enemy planting a bomb and then the sniper would kill the enemy in the process. In conclusion, American Sniper was a phenomenal movie to watch. It should be watched by all ages over fifteen. It did involve heavy content that would be wrong for someone of a younger age to watch. This movie can teach you all the difficult situations soldiers are put in on a day-to-day basis to give us our freedom. They risk their lives so that we do not have to. The movie can be used as an educational purpose or used to inspire others to join the military. It was very emotional, mesmerizing, informational, and proved many points. Overall it was a
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