American Sniper Film Analysis

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American Sniper Sociology Concepts
Chris Kyle grew up learning how to shoot rifle with his father when hunting, it is shown during the movie when he is having flashbacks at the beginning before he starts going into war. Most of the movie shifts from the war in Iraq to Texas where Kyle moved to. After being in war so long Kyle is unable to operate in the real world and function when having conversations by either being socially awkward or zoning out and thinking everything is dangerous. Kyle loses his socialization after the war and his wife sees the change in her husband. Socialization is the lifelong process through which people learn culture and become functioning members of society (Benokratis, 2016,2017). But and can be vice versa because he gains socialization in the navy. The movie clearly states the in-groups and out-groups, personally the in-groups in this situation would be the navy troupers because Kyle was more Intune with them than his family or society. In-groups are people who share a sense of identity and "we-ness" that typically excludes and devalues outsides (Benokratis, 2016,2017). But I would not say he devalues his family he just has a harder time talking to them due to the war, so his mind is trapped on war still. Thus, making his family his out-group. Another one would be the war between them and the middle eastern people, they would be an example of an outgroup in a negative way, making the movie has two types of out groups. The Navy, his family,
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