American Sniper Summary

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Lindsay Deutsch (USA TODAY Network) the author of the article “The fascinating Life Of Chris Kyle, and ‘American Sniper’”. This article I thought was a great plot line of Kyle’s life and written to inform readers with more insight about Chris Kyle 's humbling story and the sacrifices he made for his country. I was most taken back by the words regarding his tours and time he invested over in Iraq. Deutsch, states Chris Kyle did four tours in Iraq, raking up roughly 160 confirmed kills as a sniper, making him the deadliest U.S. sniper in history. After all the traumatic experiences, Kyle was honorably discharged in 2009, earning two silver stars, five bronze stars, a Navy and Marine commendation medal, and two Navy and Marine achievement medals.…show more content…
I was really interested and impressed when I read that, no man has ever before been awarded such medals or have had 160 confirmed kills. I think she did a nice job starting out with saying Kyle’s accomplishments, it draws the reader in with a powerful outlook at Kyle. Next, Deutsch touches on Chris Kyle’s nickname he acquired in Iraq (Devil Of Ramadi). Chris quickly started making it seem there isn’t a place in the city where an insurgent can hide. Kyle’s nickname and how he acquired it was very intriguing, Kyle didn’t shoot insurgents for the number of kills but for the number of marines he saved. Kyle’s more renowned shot was killing the woman and child that tried to throw a Russian hand grenade at a U.S. infantry group. That’s what I thought Deutsch did very well was portraying Chris Kyle as a true war hero. Lindsay Deutsch has created a piece that is very moving and fulfills the goal of the article, giving more in depth look into Chris Kyle’s life. Although, in my opinion she forgets small specific bits of information on Chris Kyle’s nick name he occupied on tour. For example she doesn’t include that there was 20,000 dollar bounty on his
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