American Solitude Poem Analysis

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Poems are short meaningful pieces of literature that can be interpreted in multiple ways depending upon the reader at hand. That is what makes a poem unique compared to other literature pieces because in a poem the author tends to use figurative language to fulfill meaning behind their work. One poem “Love is a Sickness Full of Woes” by Samuel Daniel describes the pains of being lovesick. Love can either benefit us if nurtured and cared for, but if not tended to then let loose can ultimately hurt us. As to another poem “American Solitude” by Grace Schulman describes a life of solitude being most warming to the soul to ward off loneliness. To avoid the affect of feeling lovesick or unwanted, a life of solitude is a choice indeed. The two authors have two different aspects of life in how one should live to…show more content…
The author depicts how there was once a day where you enjoyed the company of others, but now you have taught yourself to self-love. Reminiscing in the literature Schulman seems to be doing by saying “Hopper never painted this, but her on a snaky path his vision lingers”. Obviously depicting at one point in life there was a person whose name was Hopper that was of close contact. As the poem goes on Schulman is describing the place that is being visited now with talking about the dunes are at to the three dry gas pumps worn by the elements. In the end, looking back at the place of reminiscing and thinking of all the good memories having had there in a past time. Then taking a deep breath to let go of those fond memories to remember that a life of solitude is what you want now. As said at the end of the poem by Schulman “…then wheezed and stopped again. Shadow cut the road before I drove off in the dark woods.” The reader can depict by the figurative language that she implies leaving behind a time of memory to evade into the darkness. The darkness being a life of solitude starting a new chapter in
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