American Splendor: Character Analysis

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Mental distress lies at the heart of counselling, psychotherapy and counselling psychology. Psychopathology derives from two Greek words psych meaning soul and pathos which means suffering. In summary psychopathology is the origin of mental disorder it is the development and the symptoms associated to mental disorders. The discussion aims to present a psychological perspective on mental disorders. Secondly draw a character analysis based on the movie American Splendor by referring to psychiatric diagnoses of depression, personality disorder and family dysfunction, in conclusion highlight the differences between the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV-TR (DSM) and the DSM 5. Depression, personality disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia as well as other disorders are termed mental disorders (Burke, 2009). These mental disorders are grouped under axis1 category in the DSM-IV-TR (APA, 201). The meaning of the word depression and words derived from it such as depressed, depressive depends largely on the context that the person uses it more importantly is that the aspect of the context depends on who is using it for example mental health professionals technically use the word to refer to a condition within an individual that is defined by a group of features that are reported by the individual experiencing it or which are observed by other people close to the individual experiencing the condition (
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