American Sports In The 1950's

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1950’s Sports
In the 1950’s, American Sports was affected by the peacefulness of the era. The war was over and everything was peaceful.the only thing that really went on was the Korean War.
Baseball was the most popular sport in America in the 1950’s. The Yankees, probably the most popular baseball team in the 1950’s, won 8 pennants. In 1951 Mickey Mantle quickly won the center of attention by joining the Yankees and making 13 home runs. After 10 years of playing in the Major League and being a six time All-Star and playing in 6 world series, Jackie Robinson finally retired at 38 years of age in 1957, January 5.
Just because nothing was happening in the 1950’s and the fact that sports became easy to watch didn’t mean higher rates. In fact people
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