American Teens: A Documentary Analysis

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American teens
My life compared to the Americans in the documentary is totally reversed compared to theirs. For starters, my parents hopefully don 't expect anything from me at all, only that I get through high school and get a job. They wouldn’t say that I wasn’t special just because my grades were above average but not #topoftheclass grades, they would instead encourage me to try harder in a good way I think. Then the Americans always have a pressure built up on them, for if they don’t get through high school and don 't get into college they would be nobodies and society would think of them as losers and failures. I don’t think that anybody would think of me a failure just because I didn’t pass school, they would probably start to think
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People in America probably feel like they have no future if they don’t get into college, they won 't get the job they want and their parents will feel disappointed in their children, the students will have a bad life most people think. In Sweden, we are too lucky about living here that we don’t realize that, even when people tell us we don’t care, not that many people have their highest expectations about getting into college, because there is always next year, and actually quite easy to get into college. In Sweden, many kids have their lives handed to them for free, but in the U.S, the students have to work hard to get a good life and pay a high price for it.
In the documentary the students didn’t have very high-tech phones or computers, they didn’t use Facebook or like any other social media, they texted, emailed and called, but no real social medias. In Sweden, we practically need to use social Medias to get to know people nowadays, it is uncommon to get to know someone in the old fashion ways of living like I for example do.
This documentary we watched didn’t really make me think of anything special, it only showed what I already knew from some American friends, whom I play with, that people in Sweden are luckier than
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