American Trash Monologue

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I 've got this planet in my hands You know I 'll waste it if I can Come on let 's give it a twist And if it all turns to shit- Oh wait, let 's try that again. My life 's too short to have a plan Here, let me help you understand First take this drink and this pill Relax your mind and be still Let 's find out who I am 'Cause I- I 'm just American trash Stupid American trash I 'm just American- Stupid American trash I 've got this planet in my hands Yeah, I 'll try to save it if I can I 'm satisfied with myself Don 't care for anyone else I 'm so united when I stand. I get my facts from the TV Believe in everything I read It 's such an ignorant bliss When the whole fucking world wants to be like me. 'Cause I- I 'm just American- Stupid

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