American Vs Pediatrician Essay

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P.A vs. Pediatrician
Ever since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed about being a doctor. As I got older I learned about the different types of doctors I could be and I came across a pediatrician, a doctor who treats children. I was so content on what I wanted to be until I discovered what a physician assistant does. I was told it is not common to become a PA and then go back to school to be a medical doctor. With that in mind I needed to figure out what I want to do with my career before I enter into the world of college. Both occupations have advantages such as good paying salaries, high position and a little responsibility in the medical world. These factors make the decision of selecting one of these occupations as my future.
The biggest deviation between the two professions is the salary. A pediatrician on average makes about $175.000 yearly. This is just an average cost without a specialization. According to,a pediatrician salary varies depending on where you practice. In my career of
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Pediatricians as well as PA’s diagnose and treat illnesses, infections and injuries. Everything a pediatrician can do a PA can do as long as it is okay with the PA’s physician. A pediatrician does not need approval to carry out the duties they are responsible for, and that is why pediatricians have more responsibility than a PA might have. If one of the pediatricians mentee makes a mistake in practice, the pediatrician would be responsible for them and what the mistake of any medical decisions that were made by a P.A or the mentee. A pediatrician can do what they feel is best without having to discuss with their supervisor unless it is an ethical issue. A P.A is required to consult with their physicians. Though they share similar responsibilities P.A’s will always have to treat their responsibilities like cookies in a jar. They cannot have a cookie unless they ask for it
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